Update March 12

Dear Parents,
Good evening! Given the fact that Calvary Church suspended Sunday’s church services and church events due to the development of the epidemic, Chinese school and activities on Sundays are suspended as well because we use Calvary Church’s space. We will notify you as soon as we reopen Chinese school. During this suspension, your children’s teachers will contact you. If the students are willing and the parents approve, the teacher will arrange online teaching to continue to help your child learn Chinese. If students do not want nor parents approve, the teacher will not do so. If there are any questions, please contact us via email: ChineseSchoolLancaster@gmail.com. Thank you!
– Ci Hui Chinese School

亲爱的各位家长:晚上好!鉴于Calvary Church 因疫情的发展而暂停周日的 church service 和 church events,又因为赐慧中文学校使用 Calvary Church的场地,所以周日的中文学校的上课和活动也暂停,什么时候再开学将另行通知。停课期间,您孩子的老师们会和您联系,如果孩子愿意,家长也同意,老师会安排一些网络教学,继续帮助您的孩子学习中文。如果孩子不愿意或者家长不同意,老师不会勉强网络教学。如果家长有什么问题,请和我们联系:email: ChineseSchoolLancaster@gmail.com。谢谢大家!

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